The real green deal is money laundering — and it’s an emergency

That’s because our real national emergency, and the real “Green New Deal” that Congress must act upon, is based on another type of “green” — money laundering.

Let me explain: 

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has “expressed concerns that Amazon’s decision to set up shop in Queens would hasten gentrification, increase housing prices and displace current residents,” according to CNBC. 

But it’s not Amazon that has increased housing prices in New York. Nor, for that matter, has it been the crisis at our border that purportedly justifies the declaration of a national emergency. 

Rather, Treasury Department data shows that 30 percent of high-end real estate deals subject to a new watchdog program involved “suspicious activity” and, potentially, money laundering. This is not restricted to New York. Treasury also believes real estate in Miami and Los Angeles, among other major markets, is being misused. 

Imagine looking over the skyline of New York at night and

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