Malta’s golden passport – Tina Urso

Alfred Sant tells supporters ‘Brussels can’t take away Malta’s golden passport’, and I hope he’s wrong.

The European Union is considering ending the sale of passport schemes by EU member states, particularly Malta’s and Cyprus’s schemes – two of the smallest EU member states with high-level corruption allegations hanging over their heads. 

But MEP Sant hits back by telling his supporters that Brussels has no power to end Malta’s citizenship by investment scheme and that attacks against the scheme were unjustified, failing to acknowledge the alarming concerns that have been highlighted by several international anti-corruption organisations, both on a corruption level and the reduction of value in owning a passport by birth.

The scheme has completely overridden the principle of birth right. Citizenship is not a commodity and should have never been treated like one, yet just two months ago we learnt that Malta sold 62 passports to two of the richest Saudi

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