Turkey: German journalists under pressure

Maria Adebahr, spokeswoman for Germany’s Foreign Ministry, didn’t hold back when voicing her criticism on Monday, calling it “incomprehensible” that three German journalists had been stripped of their accreditation in Turkey.

“We have very clearly stated our position to Turkey: We regard freedom of press as a precious asset,” she said. “German — and European — journalists must be able to work freely in Turkey. And we hope that the press accreditations will be issued shortly.”

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How — and if — that can become a reality are questions that no one in Berlin is able to answer. The official stance of the Turkish authorities doesn’t leave much room for speculation.

In a short email to DW, the intelligence office in Ankara stated: “Dear members of the press. The renewal of your press accreditation for the year 2019 has not been granted.”

To date, three German

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