The Week Ahead in the European Parliament – February 25, 2019


Next week will be a short week in the European Parliament. Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) will meet in Brussels for committee sessions. Interesting debates and hearings will take place.

On Tuesday, February 26, the Committee on Legal Affairs (“JURI”) will vote on the provisional agreement on the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market reached with the Council of the European Union on February 13.  The Copyright Directive reforms rules on the publishing and use of third-party content online.  It would, for example, require online video platforms to strike licensing agreements with record companies if those profits from their music videos.  Publisher would also be able to seek compensation for their news being displayed on other online news platforms.  The compromised text kept the controversial Article 13, under which online platforms have the obligation to monitor uploaded content to resolve the “value gap” and help rights-holders monetize and control the distribution

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