Ministers become untouchables – Mario de Marco

Reading what Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said earlier this week reminded me of something I read some years back: “Governments don’t lie. People lie. And if you want the real story, you need to find out more about those people.”

Scicluna was giving his reaction to the long list of reports that heavily criticised him and his government’s handling of our financial services sector. These reports were published by the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, Transparency International, Expat Insider and the Economist.

The common thread between these reports is that corruption in Malta is institutionalised with our state institutions failing to fight corruption. There are so many parts one can quote from these reports.

The IMF underlined the need for authorities to take rapid actions to ensure the long-term financial and operational independence of supervisory authorities. This is not currently the case.

In its 2019 Malta Country Report the IMF

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