EU agrees framework for whistleblower protection

The new framework, setting EU-wide standards of protection for whistleblowers, was first proposed by the European Commission in April 2018, which said current arrangements across the EU are currently fragmented and uneven. In most EU countries the protection granted is partial and only applies to specific sectors or categories of employees.

Věra Jourová, commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality said: ‘Dieselgate, the Panama Papers and Cambridge Analytica revelations made us realise how whistleblowers help uncover unlawful activities that damage both the public interest and our general welfare.

‘We must support and protect the courageous people who bring illegal activities to light. I am happy that we have reached a balanced system that encourages employers to solve problems internally but also allows whistleblowers to turn to public authorities without fear of retaliation.’

The new rules cover a wide reach of areas of EU law, including anti-money laundering and corporate taxation, data protection, protection

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