WhistleB: New EU agreement provides additional protection for whistleblowers

On 12 March in Strasbourg, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States reached an agreement on new EU rules to better protect whistleblowers who report breaches of EU law. WhistleB’s founders Gunilla Hadders and Karin Henriksson view this decision as an endorsement of everything the company has worked for since it started in 2011.

“Ever since the beginning, we have seen our company as a European provider of whistleblowing services. That means that we always ensure the service is kept fully up-to-date according to the latest data security trends and laws. Without the very strictest level of data security, it is impossible to create trust in the whistleblowing service, and this results in our customers not receiving the whistleblowing reports that are so valuable to them. The sensitive information that comes in via a whistleblowing channel must absolutely be protected,” says Gunilla Hadders.

A press release from the European

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