Supporting The Truth Tellers—Introducing The One Free Press Coalition And The 10 Most Urgent List Of Endangered Journalists

Forbes is well known for lists, and the most important one we’ve published in a long time sits below. It’s about a topic fundamental to living in freedom — the truth. The inaugural 10 Most Urgent list highlights some of the world’s journalists currently most endangered — truth-tellers in jail, under threat or even no longer with us, killed (and denied justice) for trying to inform the public.  

The One Free Press Coalition began a few weeks ago at a dinner at the International Media Council at the World Economic Forum. As media leaders from around the world described appalling crackdowns in markets where journalists have little defense, I made a suggestion — what if those of us present banded together to support those under pressure? Specifically, shine a collective light on those threatened for trying to report the truth. TIME magazine joined us immediately. As did Yahoo News

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