Investigative journalists and media need to be respected by politicians – Casa

MEP David Casa has said that more respect should be paid to investigative journalists and the wider media’s role in holding public officials to account.

He explained that this was part of a change of mentality which should come hand in hand with new measures namely the anti-SLAPP legislation aimed at protecting journalists.

Casa was making the comments during a meeting with civil society organizations and the Turkish investigative journalist Pelin Ünker.

Ünker is currently facing the prospect of 13 months in a Turkish jail for reporting on details from the Paradise Papers regarding key figures in the Turkish government.

Casa said, ‘Without true media freedom, without free press, there can no be democracy. Journalists are facing increasing pressure that can take many forms. When all efforts are exhausted they are jailed or even assassinated. This is unacceptable everywhere, but is particularly condemnable when

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