Shining a Light on Shady Business in Myanmar’s Extractive Industries

By Nyein Nyein 21 March 2019

The global debate on the discloser of beneficial ownership, especially in the extractive industries, is scaling up. More access to information about who really benefits from the revenues is raising accountability and helping in the fight against corruption.

Myanmar, an Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) candidate country, formed a Beneficial Ownership Taskforce in June to move the country toward membership. Countries that join the EITI must disclose the beneficial ownership of the companies in their extractive industries by Jan. 1, 2020. With the deadline only nine months away, the EITI International Secretariat and industry experts stressed the need for more government collaboration between sectors and agencies during a workshop on beneficial ownership for the Asia and Pacific region in Manila this week. A delegation from Myanmar attended the event to learn and share their views.

The Irrawaddy spoke with Eddie Rich, deputy head of the

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