Why a Repeat of the 2002 Coup is Unlikely in Venezuela Today

According to a statement attributed to former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, there is no coup in the US because there is no American embassy in Washington DC.

In 2002, when President Hugo Chavez was overthrown in a coup, there was an American embassy in Caracas. More so, the office of the US defence attache was located within the Venezuelan military headquarters.After the coup, Chavez threw them out.

Today, April 11, is the anniversary of the 2002 coup.

On that fateful day in 2002, I was in Caracas as the Indian ambassador. Before the coup, there were demonstrations in front of the embassy and the residence of the ambassador when a few freelance Indian technicians were hired by pro-opposition and pro-US oil company PDVSA to run some essential technical operations.

The Venezuelans wrote on the walls of the embassy, “How can the country of Gandhi support Chavez’s dictatorship”. But when I

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