Slow on the uptake

  • Truth dawning belatedly on Asad Umar

Some of the PTI leaders are finally realising that the major accusations levelled by the party against political opponents were hasty and superficial. Soon after the publication of the Panama Papers, the party claimed that everyone with offshore assets was corrupt till it discovered that PTI Secretary General Jahangir Tareen too possessed such assets. He was later disqualified for life under the same Article 62 (1-f) that led to Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification. Now the accusations against previous governments taking recourse to IMF and letting the rupee slide and prices rise have boomeranged with the PTI government sheepishly following in its opponents’ footsteps.

While announcing in Washington that Pakistan had ‘more or less’ reached an understanding on a package with the much-maligned IMF, an embarrassed Asad Umar, the Finance Minister of “Naya Pakistan,” had to take

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