European Parliament backs expanded whistleblower protection

By an overwhelming majority, lawmakers at the European Parliament on Tuesday decided that whistleblowers will soon be protected throughout the European Union from dismissal and legal prosecution if they uncover abuses affecting wide areas of EU law. Those who help them and journalists who publish information they provide will also be better protected from prosecution in the future.

So far, only 10 of the 28 states in the EU provide comprehensive protection for whistleblowers. A whistleblower is any informant who uncovers legal violations such as data misuse, tax scandals, fraud or corruption by making secret documents from companies or authorities public.

The rapporteur for the new law, French Socialist Virginie Roziere, said the recent scandals over tax avoidance in Luxembourg (LuxLeaks) and tax evasion in Panama (Panama Papers) have shown how great the uncertainty is for informants.

“On the eve of the European elections, Parliament sent a strong signal,” Roiziere said Tuesday in

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