NABs faith: corruption-free Pakistan

NAB’s faith: corruption-free Pakistan

Corruption was the root cause of all ills being confronted by the country. It was also main hurdle in progress and prosperity of the country. Justice(r) Javed Iqbal immediately after assuming the coved post of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman on Oct 11, 2017 devised the policy of ‘Accountability for All’ but created the slogan NAB’s faith; corruption free Pakistan. From Oct 11, 2017 to Dec 31, 2018, the chairman transformed the Bureau into an effective, vibrant and trust worthy institute in just 13 months period.

The decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan of handing over investigations of Panama Papers case, 56 public limited companies, 435 offshore companies and fake accounts testifies this.

National Accountability Bureau under the guidance of Justice(r) Javed Iqbal had taken indiscriminate actions against corrupt elements in just 13 months which helped increasing people’s confidence over the Bureau. Over 59 per cent people reposed confidence

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