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Ever noticed how nobody ever protests about the usage of the word taxman. They complain about the use of actress, chairman, and freshman even, but never taxman. In truth, nobody ever rallies to their cause, and they do tend to get a bad press.

Plenty coming back
This past fortnight has been different, though. While it’s accurate to say he taketh away, he also giveth, and fortunately for us law-abiding citizens, he has mostly been giving.

Some 3.4 million lucky citizens (so pretty much everybody) have together shared 16.2 billion kroner over the past month – owing to them paying too much tax in 2018. On average, that is 4,717 kroner per person.

Nevertheless, Karoline Klaksvig, the deputy head of Skattestyrelsen, doesn’t think the overpayment of tax is a good thing, and

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