Panama Papers’ Mihran Poghosyan Indicted On Corruption Charges

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) – Armenia’s Special Investigative Service (SIS) has brought corruption charges against a former senior official who resigned in 2016 after being accused of having secret offshore assets exposed by the Panama Papers.

The SIS said on Monday that Mihran Poghosyan, who used to run an Armenian state agency enforcing court rulings, had abused his powers to enrich himself and companies linked to him.

In particular, it said, Poghosyan appointed his bodyguard and driver to different positions in the Service for the Mandatory Execution of Judicial Acts (SMEJA) after becoming the head of that agency in 2008. In what it called an embezzlement of public funds, the SIS claimed that the two men never reported for work but were paid a total of 44.2 million drams ($91,000) in salaries.

According to an SIS statement, the state lost another 20 million drams as a result of 32 Chinese-manufactured vehicles which the SMEJA purchased

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