Senator advises citizens: Keep your receipts to explain wealth

Peo­ple will have to start keep­ing their re­ceipts and a pa­per trail of their pos­ses­sions— like jew­ellery— once the Ex­plain Your Wealth Bill gets go­ing, In­de­pen­dent Sen­a­tor An­tho­ny Vieira has rec­om­mend­ed.

Vieira made the sug­ges­tion dur­ing Mon­day’s Sen­ate de­bate of the Ex­plain Your Wealth Bill.

He al­so rec­om­mend­ed com­pen­sa­tion should be paid to peo­ple when their prop­er­ty rights are in­trud­ed up­on. Vieira said this should be done as part of any case in court since peo­ple would have gone through the agony of hav­ing to prove their wealth’s source.

Dis­agree­ing with UNC Sen­a­tor Wade Mark, he said the bill will in­deed cov­er “jack­et and tie” types and “St Clair ma­raud­ers.” He said leg­is­la­tion like the bill arose in the UK when Russ­ian oli­garchs be­gan buy­ing up UK prop­er­ties.

“We have a sim­i­lar prob­lem here. We’re see­ing peo­ple with prop­er­ties and dri­ving fan­cy cars and

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