Panama Papers investigation reveals Bolivia’s offshore connections

A new Panama Papers investigation has exposed connections between Bolivia and 127 offshore companies mainly registered in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

The revelations involve Bolivian businessmen and politicians who went to Mossack Fonseca to create offshore companies. The reports include new links to business operations as well as former corruption scandals in the country.

This is the first time ICIJ has worked with a Bolivian partner on an investigation into the offshore world, after adding a team of local journalists to the Panama Papers project in September last year.

The investigation was led by journalists Nelfi Fernández and Fabiola Chambi from the newspapers El Deber in Santa Cruz and Los Tiempos in Cochabamba. They were supported by another ICIJ partner Connectas.

The one-year long investigation shows how the use of offshore companies increased after Bolivia’s president Evo Morales

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