People would not come to streets on opposition’s protest call to defend corrupt: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan while dismissing the call by the Opposition for a million march to the capital has expressed the confidence that the people would not come out on the streets to defend some corrupt families. 

Talking to the media at the PM Office in Islamabad Monday, he said there has not ever been even a single public movement in the world, which was driven only to protect the corruption of a family.

Offering his specially designed Container truck for the long sit-in before the Parliament House, Imran Khan said the Pakistan Threek-e-Insaf launched its movement against the electoral rigging and later went in for protest on the Panama Papers issue.

To a question about the ongoing cases by the National Accountability Bureau, he said his government has nothing to do with initiating the cases of money laundering against the Pakistan People’s Party leadership.

He said these were initiated in 2016 by the

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