What smart managers know about the power—and fragility—of trust

In this month’s edition, CJR Editor Kyle Pope and resident management guru Jill Geisler discuss how news managers might cultivate trust with editorial teams, honor business metrics alongside societal impacts, and galvanize newsroom collaborations.

Kyle: I’m interested in the blowup at the startup site The Markup and the apparent clash between news and business/management.

It seems that in this climate for the news business, neither side can be siloed, both need to work together. But it has historically been hard, and it remains so. What have you noticed about news organizations that bridge that gap best?

Jill:  It’s time for us to talk about trust, Kyle. The answer to your question and to the news/business challenges depend on it.

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Unlike years ago, today’s news managers aren’t isolated from the business side. They are expected to have both editorial and business acumen, and

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