Extractive Tax Practices: Bad for the Poor. Risky for Business.

natural gas power plant extractive tax practices

The Kinyerezi II natural gas power plant in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Photo: Andrew Bogrand/Oxfam America

When mining and energy companies don’t pay their fair share, no one wins.

Co-written with Daniel Mule, Senior Policy Advisor on Tax and Extractive Industries.

From climate change denialism to human rights violations, oil, gas, and mining companies are often in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Just as shocking, however, are the lengths to which they go to avoid paying taxes.

In recent years, extractive companies have expanded their reach. Mining companies have pursued investments in lithium and cobalt to improve energy storage while interest in natural gas as a transition fuel has drawn attention to Tanzanian and Mozambican natural gas deposits.

But as

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