What Have We Won?: Iceland Smites The Panama Papers!

Hannah Jane Cohen

Ever seen ‘Scarface’? Fantastic film, right? Well, imagine that for every minute of that 170-minute movie featuring guns, mountains of cocaine, and greed, a real life greedy Icelander was there, making bank, stacking it up and burying their face in it, before promptly dumping it abroad in off-shore accounts. Well, welcome to Iceland and the Panama Papers. 

A true utopia

Yes, Iceland was blessed with the highest number of people per capita in the Panama Papers, with 170 individuals getting busted by the report. It was a proud achievement for the county, second only to the numerous times they’ve been awarded the country with the most gender equality. Yes, welcome to Iceland, the place where people think not of your genitals while they rob you blind. Truly a utopia.


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