Panama gang must step down – Simon Busuttil

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and the rest of the “Panama Papers gang” must step down after finally accepting they would be subject to a criminal investigation, former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said.

Reacting to news that Dr Mizzi would not be appealing a court decision to include him in a Panama Papers inquiry, Dr Busuttil said those involved should resign until the investigation is over. If they remained in office, it would put unnecessary pressure on investigators, he said.

Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

A court last month ruled that evidence of a crime could exist in the Panama Papers. It said the evidence presented by Dr Busuttil and NGO Repubblika gave credence to the request for an inquiry to preserve evidence. Facts were submitted in court

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