Appian CEO Matt Calkins: openness is the way to go


Appian founder and part-time board game designer Matt Calkins believes that “openness is the way to go” with regards to running the low-code software provider he founded in 1999, adding that – while there are no plans at present – he hasn’t ruled out open sourcing some of the components across the platform.

Speaking at a roundtable during the company’s Appian World conference in San Diego this week, Calkins has come off the back of a raft of announcements made earlier this week that include tighter integration with Google’s AI services as well as a new RPA orchestrator for managing software bots.

appian party 2019

The company has been especially busy in recent years writing ‘connectors’ for its platform so that other vendors’ technologies can be pulled into the low-code platform – might it make sense just to publish all this

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