Whistleblowing Within the European Union: A Path Forward a Greater Protection

On April 16, 2019, the European Parliament approved by great majority (591 votes, with 29 votes against and 33 abstentions) new rules aiming at more extensively protecting whistleblowers within the European legal space.

The text has been presented to the Council for its approval and, after its publication on the Official Journal of the European Union, Member States will have to comply with the new European minimum standard of protection within two years.

The genesis of the new rules lies on the 2014 Council of Europe Recommendation encouraging “member states (to) have in place a normative, institutional and judicial framework to protect individuals who, in the context of their work based relationship, report or disclose information on threats or harm to the public interest”.[1]

As it is almost general knowledge, “whistleblowers” are individuals—generally, employees, but also self-employed persons, shareholders, volunteers, trainees, contractors or even someone going for a job

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