Partly Facetious: Who’s the most popular leader in country?

“Polls show that The Khan is the most popular leader in the country today.”

“Now that doesn’t surprise me at all.”

“Me too, he may still be learning the ropes in how to run a government but compared to the alternatives I still support him.”

“There is research that someone who is corrupt is preferable to one who is incompetent.”

“Yeah I heard that but the question is one of degree – how corrupt, I mean 20 percent, 25 percent, 80 percent, and how incompetent, can the person at least ensure that his directives are followed…”

“Well, that’s where partisanship comes in – a Zardi, let’s say, may concede that Zardari sahib is 60 percent corrupt and 65 percent competent while a Nawala will say Nawaz Sharif is 64 percent corrupt, less than Zardari sahib they always claim after the Surrey Palace though I am not sure if they have changed their minds after Panama

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