Leonard Quart | Letter From New York: Pulitzer critical to establishing journalism as a bulwark of freedom

NEW YORK — In the Donald Trump era, the press has been one of the few bold and constant voices to speak out against the world of lies, corruption, and the transgressive and near unconstitutional political behavior that relentlessly envelop our lives. Two great papers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, have bravely grasped the instant, printing story after story scrupulously unearthing the squalid details of the Trump cesspool — and gaining record readerships in the process. They have continued their trenchant reporting despite eliciting raging diatribes and tweets from Trump.

Their courage is probably what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when their First Amendment to the Constitution prevented Congress from prohibiting the abridging of the press. The amendment has allowed the press to act, albeit intermittently, as a bulwark of freedom throughout our history.

Of course today there are fewer newspapers, and many that exist

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