The big clean up: Vitals closing offshore companies as inquiry looms

Recent company registry filings in Jersey show that Sri Ram Tumuluri has placed nine of the previously hidden Jersey companies involved in the Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) concession’s web of offshore companies and contracts into liquidation.

These offshore companies, revealed as the result of an investigation by The Shift News, appear to have been established to extract ‘commissions’ from the Maltese companies holding the concession in Malta.

This arrangement was exposed through the release of the secret sale agreement with Steward Healthcare – that involved the concession for three of Malta’s public hospitals worth just over a billion euros over 99 years being sold for €1.

As revealed by The Shift News, the transfer of shares agreement beween Vitals and Steward Healthcare was enabled through the involvement of of top government officials, including a late night meeting at the Prime Minister’s

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