Swedbank’s Chairman Quits Amid Money-Laundering Scandal

FRANKFURT — A money-laundering scandal that has upended the world of Scandinavian finance ensnared another executive on Friday, when the chairman of Swedbank, one of Sweden’s largest lenders, resigned amid investigations into the activities of its subsidiaries in the Baltics.

The chairman, Lars Idermark, departed less than a week after the bank fired its chief executive, Birgitte Bonnesen, who had previously supervised Swedbank’s operations in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Mr. Idermark said in a statement that he could not deal with the money-laundering allegations while also performing his day job as chief executive of Sodra, a processor of forest products.

“Following recent strong debate about Swedbank and questions about the bank’s control of suspicious money laundering in the Baltics, I have concluded that the media attention is not compatible with my C.E.O. role at Sodra,” Mr. Idermark said, adding that he

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