Middle East & North Africa: corruption continues as institutions and political rights weaken

Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Lebanon are four countries to watch in the coming years. They are relatively stable countries, but due to their geographic or economic status, they are in the spotlight.

With a score of 49, Jordan increased a point on the CPI since last year. In June 2018, Jordanian citizens took to the streets to protest against a draft tax law that would require them to foot the financial bill from corrupt governments, which has grown significantly over the past several years.

The people succeeded in overthrowing the government, replacing the previous leader with a new prime minister who promised change. However, despite prioritising good governance and fighting corruption, the new government has yet to fulfil any of its commitments. Another challenge is the presence of influential actors that are blocking any government attempts at advancing the anti-corruption agenda.

In a report published by our chapter, Rasheed for

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