June 2019

On Thursday, the finance minister unveiled a raft of major reforms to strengthen the country’s fight against financial crime. A new Financial Organised Crime Agency to investigate and prosecute the most serious cases of money laundering and financial crime will be established, as will a new Police Prosecution Unit to accelerate the prosecution of serious […]

In light of a violent past, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn himself from consideration as President Trump’s official pick to lead the Pentagon, leaving Mark Esper, a former vice president of government relations at Raytheon, to succeed him. At first glance, Trump’s half-empty administration might appear understaffed and ineffectual, and in terms of the public interest, […]

Known for the banking secrecy that has given the country its reputation as a “dirty money hub,” Switzerland now plans to tighten its anti-money laundering regulations and bring them in line with international standards. The Swiss Federal Council, the country’s executive body, released the policy proposal on Wednesday. The focus of the update would be on lawyers, […]

Five years after deadly street protests toppled Ukraine’s Kremlin-backed leader, voters are offering their verdict on what’s happened since. A first round of presidential elections left President Petro Poroshenko facing an April 21 runoff against the country’s most-watched comedian, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a political novice. Polls show that Poroshenko, weighed down by plunging popularity amid a […]

Here are some key takeaways: —A close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bank Rossiya, a Russian bank that has been blacklisted by the U.S. and the EU, laundered hundreds of millions of dollars, the documents allege. The associate in question is Sergey Roldugin, a classical cellist and conductor who is a childhood friend […]

Money, money, M-O-N-N-N-EY! They’ve been singing, dancing and celebrating the grease that makes the world go around since Iron Age Turks called Lydians invented coins. And so long as there have been death and taxes, you can bet there’s been money-laundering. That’s why the I’m-shocked-it’s-happening-here routine by the B.C. government seems a bit rich, so […]

The taskforce, set up in late 2016, was a joint initiative between the Secretariat of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the International Bar Association. The final report was released at the end of May. It identified eight principles which were recommended to governments and/or national bar associations and law societies with a […]

Editor’s note: This story was originally published by OCCRP, a Kyiv Post partner. Kypros Chrysostomides is one of Cyprus’s most elite lawyers, a wine connoisseur who boasts he was decorated by the French government and received the “Grand Cross of the Order of the Phoenix” from Greece, one of that country’s highest honors. But to disgraced […]

Indian travel group Cox Kings is looking to sell assets as part of a plan to raise much-needed funds. The company’s share price has fallen by half in the last month and on Thursday it revealed it had defaulted on debt payments, having paid only $7.3 million (500 million rupees) of the $29 million (2 billion […]

In an interview after Friday’s board of trustees meeting, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said he received a report from Pitt’s Socially Responsible Investment Committee and will release it before students return for the fall semester. The committee was formed in 2017 to research socially responsible ways to invest the University’s endowment. Gallagher said he is “pleased” […]