Graph analysis – some off-the-wall use cases

The relentless march of digital technology (and I have to admit I’m getting really tired of saying that) assures that all organizations will adopt AI in some form to stay competitive. The accumulative effect of Moore’s Law, an exponential phenomenon, pushed computing to a tipping point. The rapid transformation of computing of all kinds, but especially for analytics and prediction, put to rest the prevailing model of managing from scarcity, a lingering gestalt that has been around since computing was invented.

In reality, we don’t have unlimited resources, but they are plentiful and economical enough that their  prominence in the calculus diminished to point where we can finally think about the solutions first. What’s on the top of the heap today is the capability to manage and analyze data unimaginable only a decade ago. The effects of this are not trivial.

Though it is difficult

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