Venezuela-Nicaragua-El Salvador Money Laundering Network Exposed

Investigation uncovers connections between Venezuela, Nicaragua and El Salvador through PDVSA-Albanisa-Alba Petróleos


The Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office recently raided Alba Petróleos as part of an investigation of 27 companies run by José Luis Merino, known as “Ramiro” in the FMLN


By Iván Olivares  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The immense fortune created by the combination of high oil prices and the copious extraction of black gold from Venezuelan subsoil laid the foundation for a “Bolivarian Joint Criminal Enterprise” (BJCE), according to a report signed by Douglas Farah and Caitlyn Yates, the president and investigator for IBI Consultants, LLC.

This BJCE, which the report’s authors say “is not a single entity, but rather a network of allied companies, regional structures, and historically linked individuals operating across the globe,” can only be broken up if it is “attacked from multiple points simultaneously.”

This message appears to have been heard

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