ABC raids a wake-up call to journalists who left Assange swinging

What so enrages the journalists’ “club” is the challenge from those who question their power, journalists like Assange. His revelations threatened them. But Assange, the outsider, did much more than that, he laid the path for the future of journalism, where journalists would be expected to produce primary source documents, wherever possible, and horror of all horrors, share them with the public.

The internet made this possible, but for those who were holding out against the inevitable rise of this new form of communications, it posed a huge threat to the old order. Assange was not interested in off-the-record briefings from government insiders.

He wanted to show the original documents to practise what he called Scientific Journalism. Its style of operation, where it worked with traditional media such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel and Le Monde in collaborative journalistic endeavours, spawned a host of similar operations, notably the

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