Democracy desperately needs a reboot

If you’re a supporter of Donald Trump
— or Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil or Matteo Salvini in Italy — you probably
think that democracy has never been in better health.

Recent elections in these countries
didn’t just serve to rotate the elite from the conventional parties.
Voters went to the polls and elected outsiders who promised to transform
their political systems. That demonstrates that the system, that
democracy itself, is not rigged in favor of the “deep state” or the
Bilderberg global elite — or the plain vanilla leaders of the center
left and center right.

Moreover, from the perspective of
this populist voter, these outsiders have continued to play by the
democratic rules. They are pushing for specific pieces of legislation.
They are making all manner of political and judicial appointments. They
are trying to nudge the economy one way or another. They are standing up

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