Ian Mulgrew: Proceeds of money-laundering binge — B.C. needs to widen its net and up its game

Money, money, M-O-N-N-N-EY!

They’ve been singing, dancing and celebrating the grease that makes the world go around since Iron Age Turks called Lydians invented coins.

And so long as there have been death and taxes, you can bet there’s been money-laundering.

That’s why the I’m-shocked-it’s-happening-here routine by the B.C. government seems a bit rich, so to speak.

Al Pacino and his pals were depositing duffel bags stuffed with cash back in 1983’s Scarface — and wasn’t Willem Dafoe washing his counterfeit bills with casino chips in To Live and Die in L.A. back in 1985?

Didn’t Warren Beatty make it clear in 1991’s Bugsy? The Mob built Las Vegas.

They ain’t the pigeons — they own the place.

Is B.C. really living in BCE?

Forget the announced public inquiry into money-laundering. Spend a weekend binging on Netflix and you’d learned more than anyone needs to know about crimes against government treasuries and George Harrison’s despised Taxman.

After all, where

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