A journalist died but the truth and the facts should not die too – Adrian Delia

Daphne Caruana Galizia died but the truth and facts should not die too, PN Leader Adrian Delia told Parliament on Monday, whilst discussing the report approved last week by the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly.

Quoting from the report, Delia said that the Prime Minister is appointing members of the judiciary not because of their competence but because of their political affiliations to the Labour Party. He commented that this hurts Malta’s reputation.

Noting what the rapporteur of the report said, that in countries like Spain, Iceland and even Mongolia people related to the Panama Papers resigned, Delia said that the government is being stubborn and that Malta is being condemned by Europe. It is for this reason that the Opposition keeps on harping on about the Panama Papers scandal.

He said that this is going to have consequences on Malta’s name, reputation

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