Belfast could be Singapore-style tax-free zone, says Johnson

Belfast could be turned into a Singapore-style tax-free zone under proposals being considered by Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to become the new prime minister.

At a hustings in the Northern Ireland capital on Tuesday he expressed enthusiasm for the idea, when asked by a member of the audience.

“That’s the sort of thing we can do, we could do free ports, it would be a massive boost to the country but can only do when we can come out,” he said.

He confirmed that creating tax-free zones in ports was part of his vision for the country post-Brexit. “There will be about six of them, we will be doing free ports,” he said.

Locally, there have been calls to give the entire region of Northern Ireland “free port status” which would be mean imports would be processed in the region to avoid the imposition of customs duties.

Tina McKenzie, head of

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