UK leadership contenders slammed for backing freeports

This two-photo combo image shows Jeremy Hunt, left, and Boris Johnson, right, who have both backed “freeports” on the east coast of the country. [PhotoIC]

Britain’s Conservative Party leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have both backed “freeports” on the east coast of the country, bringing accusations they seek to turn the United Kingdom into a haven for tax evaders and money launderers.

Freeports were heavily criticized by a European Parliament report last year for facilitating “illegal activity”. They have been springing up around the world as more investors store and trade physical assets. They are considered independent for customs purposes, charging no taxes or tariffs on imports.

Liberal Democrat member of Parliament Ed Davey told the Guardian: “Looking to freeports for economic salvation once they’ve pushed us off the cliff shows the desperation of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Tory Brexiteers.

“The British economy is fundamentally sound as part of

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