EDITORIAL: Big business is draining Canada by playing the tax game – Osoyoos Times

By Dale Boyd

Osoyoos Times

Two reports came and went from the headlines this week outlining the estimated billions in revenue owed to the Canadian government, either through offshore tax havens or avoidance of payment.

The estimated $11 billion tax gap reported by the Canada Revenue Agency only scratches the surface of tax avoidance or off-shore tax schemes which according to another report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer could account for Canadian companies sending $1.6 trillion to low-tax countries.

It truly boggles my mind. Not only the size of these numbers, the sheer scale of it, but the lack of outrage. People seem to have a ton of opinions on homeless people and public support for our most vulnerable, but online or in-person rage seems disproportional for corporate tax cheats and evasion.

It is admittedly hard to picture the true size

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