Falsification and Perjury

With most of the leading opposition leaders in jail now for corruption, nepotism, money-laundering, and even drug smuggling, etc, the second and third tier party leaders are taking the stage. With this the resultant tenor is becoming rougher and more. With no hope of the masses turning out in numbers in the streets, other means are being used to keep the pot boiling in the “abba-bachao” (save father) movement. The infamous press conference of PML(N) “vice president” and “aspirant star” on the political horizon, Maryam Nawaz, is the latest example for that. When her father was in power she used to create information havoc ina 300 plus strong sound media team. In the “DAWN LEAKS”attempt to undermine the than Opposition and their drive for accountability. Maryam only got away with her “Dirty Tricks” (DTs) by the sacrificing of otherslike Fatemi, Pervaiz

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