Top Opp leaders to celebrate Eid in jail

ISLAMABAD – While the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has resolved not to “backtrack from its anti-corruption agenda to purge the country of this menace”, majority of political leadership from opposition parties celebrates this Eidul Azha in jails.

The senior political leadership includes a former president, two ex-prime ministers, former federal ministers besides many sitting members of the Senate, the National Assembly and provincial assemblies.

In the chequered political history of the country, this is one of the rare incidents that such a large number of politicians of opposition are celebrating their Eid, the holy festival of Muslims, in prisons. While many other face fear of arrest soon after the celebrations of Eid, political observers claim.

Opposition claims that the alleged corruption cases instituted against them by the National Accountability Bureau are part of the political victimisation of the ruling party which is hand in glove with the country’s top anti-corruption watchdog.

The Prime Minister

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