So, About That Kaiyō Whisky

Editor’s Note: This article is republished from Japanese whisky blog Nomunication.JP with their permission. Author credit goes to Whiskey Richard.

After Alligator Char brought me back some bottles of Kaiyō Whisky from the US, I’ve dug deeper and deeper to find out exactly what’s going on with this stuff. Ultimately, I wanted to answer one simple question: just what is Kaiyō Whisky, really?

Many of you have asked me similar questions. Is it Japanese, is it worth the price, where is the whisky from?

The bottle labels unfortunately answer almost none of those questions. There are no age statements, no information about where the liquid was distilled, and you won’t even find the words “Japanese whisky” anywhere on the bottle. Instead, it reads only “Japanese Mizunara Oak,” presumably a reference to the wood of the cask it

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