The Actual Facts Behind Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Are Worse Than the Conspiracy Theories

Even before Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on new sex trafficking charges last month, he had become a symbol of a system that wasn’t just broken, but in a state of surreal dysfunction. The shadowy financier’s story has long been described essentially as Pizzagate But True, an amalgamation of everything suspected of depraved, decadent, corrupt elites at a time of massive distrust in government. So it was no surprise when conspiracy theorists went wild over the weekend with news of his death by apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail. The man implicated in a horrific sex trafficking scheme allegedly involving dozens or even hundreds of young girls—and with ties to at least one member of the British royal family, presidents past and present, and plenty of other rich and powerful people—had finally faced some prospect of justice following his arrest. Now he (and those in

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