US Sanctions on Venezuela Recalls 1980s Embargo on Nicaragua

US Sanctions emptied the shelves at supermarkets in Nicaragua.

Economic sanctions against Venezuela and the warning of another potential economic embargo on Nicaragua revive the sinister ghost of the 1980s.


By José Adán Silva  (La Prensa)    

HAVANA TIMES – The US economic sanctions against the Venezuelan regime and the warnings from US National Security Advisor John Bolton about a potential economic blockade on the Nicaraguan dictatorship have revived the phantoms of scarcity and extreme poverty that ravaged the country during the decade of the 1980s, during the first dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

“It worked in Panama. It worked in Nicaragua one time, and it’s going to work there, again. And it will work in Venezuela and Cuba,” Bolton said last week in Lima during the Lima Group’s International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela.

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