Greenlight for ‘Paradise Papers’ to be used in ATO’s tax haven targeting | Nest Egg

In a statement from the ATO’s second commissioner Jereyy Hirschhorn, it was indicated that the organisation will continue to target large corporations who are not paying tax in Australia, namely Glencore, who was at the centre of the High Court battle to have documents detailing money movements labelled as subject to legal professional privilege.

The coal producer lost the bid to hide documents that were leaked as part of the Paradise Papers.

Commenting on the decision, Mr Hirschhorn said “the ATO will continue to use all information available to ensure large corporations and those trying to hide money overseas are paying the right amount of tax”.

“Our wide and growing range of information sources and increased collaboration with overseas agencies are vital tools in achieving this objective,” he continued. 

Discussing how taxes not being paid where they are due in Australia hurt the national economy, the commissioner said the ATO “will continue to work for

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