Questions remain unanswered in Malta, nearly two years after journalist’s murder

Daphne Caruana Galizia was Malta’s best known and most widely-read investigative journalist. She used her blog Running Commentary to publish exposés on corruption among Maltese politicians and public officials, often targeting members of the ruling Labour Party. She picked up both admirers and enemies and continues to be a controversial figure, even after her murder. In 2017, Chris Cardona, the economy minister, called Caruana Galizia “a blogger that publishes unfounded lies, intended to break people”.

Soon after Caruana Galizia’s death in October 2017, three men suspected of being contract killers were detained and brought before a magistrate for pre-trial proceedings. But it took until July 2019 for them to be formally charged with the murder. The trial will begin in “due course” but a date has still not been set.

And while the three suspected hit men are facing court, there is little progress towards prosecuting whomever hired them

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