The Laundromat on Netflix review – based on the Panama Papers scandal

When we are constantly bombarded by information about scandals, politics, and natural disasters, it’s hard to pick one thing to be outraged by. The Laundromat has a suggestion – be angry! About! The! Panama! Papers!

(What were the Panama Papers? Don’t worry, 2016 was a busy news year. It was the colossal leak of details about offshore tax avoidance and money laundering by the super-rich. You’re welcome!)

Netflix‘s latest film seeks to remind moviegoers about the lack of comeuppance for the people who avoided heaps of taxes by hiding their wealth, and the people who helped them do it.

Unfortunately the character we’re supposed to empathise with is barely a plot device, tasked with emotionally supporting the movie yet not given the screen time to actually do it. And it’s Meryl bloody Streep!