‘The Laundromat’: Venice Review | Reviews

Source: Toronto International Film Festival

‘The Laundromat’

Dir. Steven Soderbergh. US. 2019. 96mins.

If there’s cinema to be soaped out of the Panama Papers scandal, Steven Soderbergh hasn’t found it in The Laundromat, a poorly-conceived and -executed film which steals from The Big Short as brazenly as its tax-dodging subjects do from their governments. Obvious good intentions are drowned in a hot wash of showboating stars and flooded by self-indulgence. It was always difficult to imagine how a shady scandal involving global financial finagling could be made into a film, but Soderbergh’s decision to tack the razzle-dazzle distraction of dozens of celebrity cameos onto a series of confusing vignettes simply doesn’t come clean.

The essential framework of The Laundromat, adapted for the screen by Scott Z. Burns from the book by Jake Burnstein, is confusing

Soderbergh is a director with a long, illustrious, whiplash-like up-and-down career, and an excellent track record in picking the

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