Fall Movies 2019: Here’s What’s Coming Soon to Theaters

THE LAUNDROMAT Steven Soderbergh takes a break from shooting on an iPhone to put his spin on the story behind the Panama Papers, leaked documents that were said to reveal how a Panamanian law firm had helped wealthy clients launder money and evade taxes. Meryl Streep leads a large cast that includes Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas as the firm’s founding partners.

THE PARTS YOU LOSE Christopher Cantwell, a creator of “Halt and Catch Fire,” directed this story of a boy who becomes friendly with a fugitive. Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star.

PRETENDERS James Franco directs himself again (see “Zeroville,” above) in a movie about a film student who is besotted with the French new wave and a mysterious woman — of whom his friend is also enamored. With

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